Meaningful Brands


Some of Our Findings



  • The quality and marketing of a product – i.e. price and packaging - are important but they are not enough in themselves to make a significant difference.
  • The way in which companies create value matters as much as the products and services they provide. We expect companies to behave ethically and transparently and this is becoming more and more important across all industries and countries. We now expect brands to take the lead to help solve social and environmental issues.
  • Brands become more meaningful when they help us all – as individuals – enhance our sense of personal wellbeing. With only a small number of brands establishing ownership in this area, many missing exciting new opportunities.
  • What makes brands meaningful differs significantly across markets and industries. Contrasting consumer expectations and needs – especially within different cultural contexts – meaning that all brands’ communication strategies must vary. We use Meaningful Brands to dig deeper and find out which specific areas are more important for each brand.
  • Havas Media offers companies the opportunity to discover and maintain new ways to become more meaningful through its range of Meaningful Brands solutions and proprietary tools.

All in all, this represents a huge opportunity for brands to engage the consumer in new and challenging ways.

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