Havas Media Group Italy named Agency of the Year

Havas Media Group Italy has been named Agency of The Year. The accolade will be awarded during the 21st edition of the International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix, organised by TVN Media Group.

Thanks to its strategic contemporary vision and results oriented policy, the company has posted excellent results in the last 12 months: +43% billings vs. 2013. This is an exceptional performance against a backdrop of negative market trends. To crown it all, revenues have risen +30%, EBIT stands at 70% and turnover is approximately €350 million. Havas Media Group Italy employs 118 staff, an increase of 40% over the past two years. These results are the fruit of its organic marketing vision, its partnership approach with clients and its flexibility and integration within a well-structured network - a true trend-setter in the business. Havas Media Group, in support of the ground-breaking services it provides and through its policy of partnering with the client, contributes to every stage of strategy building through organization, development, data connection and analysis.

Havas Media Group owns proprietary rights to the international research projects Meaningful Brands and Fans.Passions.Brands. The former provides an analytical framework to measure the impact of a brand and is the first global system to compare and track the connection between human well-being and brand performance. It assesses the competitiveness of each brand against human, economic and financial benchmarks. In its forthcoming edition, the research will assess 700+ brands across 34 countries, 15 sectors and 40 product divisions.

Fans.Passions.Brands, managed by Havas Sports & Entertainment, Havas Media Group’s brand engagement network and in association with Annenberg Innovation Lab, University of Southern California, offers a new approach in the analysis of the identity of sports fans through observation of their behaviour, attitudes and perceptions, to obtain an innovative set of principles that interpret the relationship between fans and their identifications: the logic of engagement. The research decodes the pride of as many as 21,000 aficionados (including Italy).

The International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix, the award dedicated to the most innovative and effective techniques of connected marketing, will be held on 2nd December at Milan’s Magazzini Generali.

For more information about Havas Media Group Italy, please contact:

Alessandra Quatti, PA to CEO & Corporate Communications Manager

Elena Cannatelli, Marketing and Communications Assistant